There's Sand in My Lens!

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Why do so many scope lenses made with Vietnamese sand?

There's Sand in My Lens!

Here's a little factoid to impress your friends with at your next get-together: One of Viet-Nam's major exports is sand. Apparently, Viet Nam has such exceptionally pure sand that other countries actually buy their sand rather than purify their own! As a result, there are a lot of scope lenses made from this high quality Vietnamese sand/glass. That's why we see a lot of high quality optics coming out of Asia.

Since the optical clarity of the lenses in a telescopic sight determine how much light is gathered and how much you can see, it stands to reason that the better quality glass, the greater the clarity. Poor quality glass, on the other hand, will give you distortions, distractions, and a headache.

*High quality glass will make a your Burris rifle scope cost a little more, but it won't knock your budget out of focus.



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