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How will iron sights affect my AOD.

The Iron-Sight Insight

Old iron-sights, (not to be confused with the USS Constitution or the TV detective) sometimes occupy the space where the scope bell would be. The good news is that these sights can usually be easily removed.

*If you have old iron-sights that could get in the way of a new scope, add 3mm-6mm to your AOD to compensate(2x interference).

Is the relief in my handgun the same as on my rifle?

Handgun Eye Relief

No, it can't be! Since a handgun is held at arms length away from your sighting eye, the “eye relief” of a handgun scope is set for a longer distance than it is on a rifle scope. What a lot of folks don't realize is that variable power (zoom-magnification) scopes change their eye relief as the magnification zooms from low to high.

A scope that is an arms length away at 2-3X has to be sucked back to 10-11 inches away on 7-9X. Since a handgunner is most accurate when he maintains a consistent hold, having to change his hold for a variable scope is bad for accuracy. With the limited field of view and reduced eye relief of handgun scopes in the over 7X magnification, I recommend them primarily for bench rest target and varmint shooting.

What's the difference between a 30mm tube and a 1 inch tube.

30mm v 1 Inch Tubes

Oh, about .1811024 inches, as the crow flies. But seriously, folks, in the last few years scope makers have introduced wider 30mm tubes. The reasoning behind such actions is that if a larger objective gathers more light, a larger tube should be a good idea, too.

The main consideration in a 30mm tube scope is that you will need 30mm rings. Swift rifle scopes are available in both 1" and 30mm tubes.

How does a straight barrel affect my AOD?

Straight Barrels and Large Objective Scopes

If you have a straight barrel, it doesn't mean you are a bad person. It just means your gun is in the minority. Most Rifles have a slight taper between the receiver and barrel. If your barrel has no taper, large objective scopes (44+) may need to mount higher.

*In general, figure to add 5mm to your AOD if you are using a large objective scope with a straight-barrel firearm.

What if I want to use a lens cap?

Adding to the AOD

Good question. If you decide to use a lens cap or sunshades on the objective lens of your scope, it will add to your effective diameter.

Generally speaking, simple caps add 3-4mm to your AOD. For flip up caps, add 5-6mm, as you'll need clearance to open the cap.

How does AOD mean?

Adjustable Objective Diameter

No, AOD is not another UN sponsored organization. It stands for Adjustable Objective Diameter. Objective Diameter, action length, and barrel taper all come into play when choosing the correct ring height to use.

The AOD is your scope's stated objective diameter, adjusted by any necessary correction factors. With these factors accounted for, you should be ready to choose the best ring height for your application. Swift rifle scopes and most other scope makers sell a wide range of rings to fit any configuration.

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