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I would like to know when you are sighting in a rifle (7mm mag. with leop. scope 1/4 click) if the bullet is hitting to the right which way should I turn the adjustment to bring the bullet back to the left?

Scope Adjustments

Most Leupold scopes have micrometer-style elevation and windage adjustments and a click for each adjustment division can be both felt and heard so scope adjustments can be made without looking at the knobs.

The letters on the elevation and windage dials refer to the direction that the point of impact of the bullet is moved when an adjustment is made so moving the windage to the left will bring the bullet to the left.

When you transfer a used scope from one rifle to another, how do you "zero" this scope so that you can start over sighting it in on the new rifle?

Sighting in a Used Scope

A scope will be brought back to zero for resighting by the following: Align your scope before you zero. Using a collimator, which is an optical device that attaches to your muzzle and adjust your reticle until it is centered on the collimator.
You can also bore sight from a resting position and once you are on paper at 25 yards you will still have to do a sighting in from 50-100 yards using your scope dials to manipulate your crosshairs and bring them to zero for this particular gun.

I am currently writing a screenplay and would like some information on scope glares

Scope Glare

Depending on the time of year, the weather and location and the size of the scope, this could happen if the scope is foggy from humidity or dirty, although a sniper would be a meticulous gun cleaner if possible. The sun coming from behind a cloud at the right time could bring a flash of light and if dirty or foggy/rainy perhaps more of a glow. Just enough to give someone pause.

Never owned a scope until now , scope is bore sighted how do I sight it in at the range?

How to Sight In After Bore Sighting

Prop your arm on a stable rest and aim at the paper target starting with a 25 yard distance. If it prints close to the bulls eye at this range, it will most likely hit the paper at 100 yards. Using the center shot to establish pattern, adjust to bring that shot to center at 100 yards using the same system. Usually the dials move in 1/4" increments up and down which will move you from point of impact to the correct point of impact.
It's best to let the barrel cool between shots to get a more accurate zero.

When I site in a scope,should I site it in at the 4 power position or the 9.Is it true that if I shoot it in on 4 I would have to always shoot it at the 4 power.

Best Magnification for Sighting in Your Gun

Sighting in a gun with a variable power scope is an advantage because starting out you are closer to the target and as you increase the distance you can increase your power so you can see the group on the target.

Adjusting the magnification should not interfere with the adjustments to the reticle or crosshairs.

What would be a good ideal scope for Remington 700 bdl 7MM ultra mag?

A Good Hunting Scope for a Remington 7MM

A 4.5-14x50 quality scope will give a good range of magnification for a high power, long range rifle. Having a variable power scope verses a fixed power scope will give you more options to choose from depending on the terrain and the field of vision needed for a clean shot.

I wear bifocals and am having a problem seeing out of my scope. Is there a scope that you can adjust to your prescription?

Is it Possible to Adjust a Scope to Your Prescription Glasses?

Within the given limitations of most optics there should be some things you can try to improve your scope vision. Making sure your eye relief is a proper distance may help. Also, making adjustments to your other scope settings may help and in turn that may lead to needing sight adjustments with levels or elevation.

Do gun manufactures site in scopes on their guns before sending them out? If so how accurate is the scope?

Do Gun Manufacturers Sight in Scopes?

Most companies don't put scopes on their firearms although one will sell their guns with scope mounts and the attachment rings are included.
Normally, the consumer has to have the scope sighted in to their own specifications.

I am looking for a variable-power long eye-relief riflescope.

Are Handgun Scopes Okay for Rifle Use?

The eye relief on a handgun scope is not the same as on a rifle. Using a riflescope on a rifle is the best and safest option.
The eye relief for a pistol scope is at arms length. The eye relief on a riflescope varies from roughly three to five inches so that when the rifle is held properly the scope is a safe distance from your eye. Proper positioning of the riflescope and the rifle is an important factor because of recoil.
Some popular brands of variable powered scopes are: Leupold, Nikon, and Bushnell.

How does the Redfield widefieldrangefinder work?

How Does the Redfield Widefield Rangefinder Work?

The Redfield Rangefinder has a lithium battery operated distance calibrator that is useful for measuring distances while hunting or golfing. Accurate up to 800 yards and has a speed gun function that will measure speeds over 300mph.

The Redfield rangefinder displays distances in feet, yards, and meters.

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