Best Magnification for Sighting in Your Gun

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When I site in a scope,should I site it in at the 4 power position or the 9.Is it true that if I shoot it in on 4 I would have to always shoot it at the 4 power.

Best Magnification for Sighting in Your Gun

Sighting in a gun with a variable power scope is an advantage because starting out you are closer to the target and as you increase the distance you can increase your power so you can see the group on the target.

Adjusting the magnification should not interfere with the adjustments to the reticle or crosshairs.



12/22/2008 4:05:42 AM
David said:

Sighting in should be done at maximum power on an adjustable power scope. Zero should be verified at minimum power. The power should be independent of point of impact, but better safe than sorry. Max power affords the shooter the best visibility of the target, therefore the best oppurtunity to "aim small". Remember, "Aim small, miss small".


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