Adjusting Your Scope

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How do I focus the scope reticle to my eye?

Adjusting Your Scope

Getting your vision in sync with your scope is kind of like going to the eye doctor, except a lot more fun. The beautiful thing is that you can do it even if you don't wear glasses. The focus adjustment on your scope is similar to that machine optometrists use to check your prescription—if you turn it one way, the power gets stronger and, if you turn it the other way, the power gets weaker. Follow the simple steps below to adjust your scope:

• Loosen the eyepiece lock ring (if applicable).
• Rotate the eyepiece in the negative direction (check your scopes owners manual).
• Look through the scope toward the sky, or at a white wall about 10' away.
• Rotate the eyepiece clockwise until the reticle appears sharp and black at a quick glance.
• Don't look into the scope as you turn the eyepiece, as your eye will adjust to the out-of-focus condition.
• Glancing through the scope will reveal the reticle as distinctive and black when it is properly focused.
• Lock the eyepiece in place by tightening the lock ring.



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