Aim Steady

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How do I maintain adjustment consistency?

Aim Steady

OK, it stands to reason that if your scope reticle doesn't stay at the same point of adjustment, it will not give you the same point of aim from one shot to the next.

Scopes adjust the reticle (eyepiece) by means of screws which push the reticle tube against a leaf spring. From one shot to the next, recoil may shift the reticle tube against the spring. This is no problem as long as it returns to the same position. The scope will keep the same point of aim. But if it moves, your scope will not shoot accurately. It's that simple. The reticle tube on a quality scope will move little or not at all upon recoil and your adjustments will stay consistent.

*You should be aware that the point of impact can change on a variable scope as you zoom the magnification.



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