Redfield Widefield Scope

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What's so special about Redfield scopes?

Redfield Widefield Scope

Redfield scopes are distinguished by their oval ocular and objective lenses (wider than they are tall). Widefield design really works. Widefield scopes do have a wider than normal field of view and they allow a low mounting position on most rifles.

Their field of view is approximately 30% greater than similar scopes, and that can matter in the woods, or when trying to track running game. It allows for faster target acquisition, particularly at close range. This can, of course, be a life saving advantage if suddenly confronted by a charging animal.

There is no doubt that a rifle with a low mounted scope handles faster and better than the same rifle wearing a scope in a high mount. A low mount makes it easier for the shooter to quickly align his or her eye with the scope, and allows a firmer contact between cheek and stock comb for more accurate shooting.



2/27/2007 9:59:06 AM
Roy Christian said:

I used a 6X Redfield Widefield scope on my Remington BDL 300 Winchester Magnum and loved the wide field. This was my favorite hunting rifle during the 1970's. I would buy another one today, if they were available.

1/12/2009 5:34:45 PM
John D said:

Please someone bring back redfield widefield scopes.


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