Installing Redfield Style Rings

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How do I install Redfield style rings?

Installing Redfield Style Rings

Redfield style of rings feature a dovetail machined into the ring bottom and a corresponding slot machined into the base. The ring is assembled and placed into the slot and rotated 90 degrees. Gunsmiths use a 1 inch steel bar to turn the ring into position. Do not use the scope to turn the ring into place! The torque to turn the ring into place may warp the scope body. The scope is a precision instrument which has its internalcomponents machined and aligned to a very high degree of precision.

It is advisable to leave the bottom ring half in place in the base. If you rotate it out of the base and put it back in more than once it will begin to loosen up and may not firmly hold the scope in position any longer.

If you do feel your ring is getting a little loose in the base you can apply a little dab of epoxy glue to the mating surfaces of the ring and base, reinstall the ring and then leave it alone. As long as you do not take the ring out of the base it will hold just fine



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