Base Installing Basics

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How do I install the base?

Base Installing Basics

If you are using two-piece bases, there is a front and rear and they are not usually interchangeable. If you have a Ruger rifle, the bases are machined right into the receiver and you can skip down to scope mounting. A few manufacturers recommend that you torque the screws to an inch pound setting, but normally all you need do is make them tight. Be careful not to over tighten them because you can strip those teeny screws, especially if they are aluminum.

*I prefer to use blue Loctite on the threads. Use the BLUE thread locker, not the other colors. Use the red, green or (eek!) black loctite and you will probably have to drill out the screws next time. Expensive and messy!



6/21/2009 12:08:24 PM
dave said:

all you have to do to loosen the other color loctite is apply heat from a heat gun, that should soften any loctite.


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