Mounting Your Scope

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What do I need to mounty my rifle my scope?

Mounting Your Scope

Once you have the scope of your dreams you are ready to find rings and bases to mount it to your rifle. Since scopes come in different diameters, you will need to choose proper size rings. (Duh!). You will also have to select the proper height. (Double duh!)

The larger the objective on your scope is, the taller the rings will have to be to clear the barrel and/or sights. Some shooters prefer to leave the iron sights on, some like'em off. Others are just too lazy to bother. You can get rings that allow you to see through the scope mount and use the sights. This is great in most case, but be careful: Some designs will make the scope sit too high.

*You should be aware that you can get bases and rings that can be removed and remounted with minimal change to the zero of the rifle. Only in America!



12/14/2006 5:58:17 AM
J Beringer said:

would be nice if you listed scope objective sizes and the correct height of the rings that would work with that particular scope


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