Rimfires in Focus

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What are some drawbacks of a rimfire scope?

Rimfires in Focus

In a nutshell, smallbores can make for a big scoping challenge. Like a kid with ADHD, they can have focusing issues. You can get a feel for the optical challenge of scoping a rimfire by using your binoculars. When you focus on an object at, say, 100 yards, you'll see that the binos remain in reasonably sharp focus as you look at optics at greater distances – just like the scope on your big-game rifle works. Hwever, when you look at closer objects, the focus becomes fuzzy. And,, the closer you focus, the fuzzier things become.

What do you see when you refocus your binoculars at about 10 yards? You see that the short-range focus is so critical that you are out of focus when viewing something only a few feet nearer or farther away. Bummer. Why is this a problem for rimfire shooters? Because you usually shoot a smallbore at close ranges, where focus is critical. To top it off, this whole problem is made worse because you tend to shoot your rimfires at constantly changing distances.



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