Adjustable Objective

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What's an adjustable objective?

Adjustable Objective

Speaking objectively, some scopes have an adjustable objective. This allows you to focus better at varied ranges, and requires adjustment (depending on how far your target is from your scope). This can help make some lower-priced variable scopes more dependable as far as point-of-impact goes, but again it usually means that a higher mount is required, which can make the rifle top-heavy.

Adjustable objectives are useful mainly for long-distance and/or precision shooting. So, if you are just going hunting, you probably won't need a variable. However, the choice it up to you.

*Weaver rifle scopes offer a range of scopes with adjustable objectives.



8/22/2007 8:45:51 AM
Bob K said:

Told me what I needed to know!

12/6/2008 10:45:19 PM
Andrew said:

Any information on a Weaver K4 60C adjustment divisions would be appreciated.


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