Determining Range with a Mil Dot Reticle

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How do I determine range with a mil dot reticle.

Determining Range with a Mil Dot Reticle

To determine range with a mil dot reticle you may need to hunt down an MIT professor. Think I'm kidding? Get this explanation from

"The radian is a unitless measure which is equivalent, in use, to degrees. It tells you how far around a circle you have gone. 2 PI radians = 360 degrees. Using 3.14 as the value of PI, 6.28 radians take you all the way around a circle. Using a cartesian coordinate system, you can use "x"- and "y"-values to define any point on the plane. Radians are used in a coordinate system called "polar coordinates."

A point on the plane is defined, in the polar coordinate system, using the radian and the radius. The radian defines the amount of rotation and the radius gives the distance from the origin (in a negative or positive direction).See what I mean? If you can't find an MIT professor you will just have to do what other street smart shooters do to determine range with a mil dot reticle: Learn by doing.

*As you get familiar with the reticle over time, you'll get the hang of how best to use the dots. By the way, most shooters use the dots on the horizontal line as alternate aim points for windy situations.



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