Eye Relief

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What is eye relief?

Eye Relief

We're not talking about sunglasses or that stuff you squirt in your eye to get the red out. In the wide world of scopes, eye relief is a measurement. It has to do with how far back from the eyeguard your eye can be and still see a full sight picture. Eye relief scopes fall into three categories:

• Standard eye relief scopes, which is the category most riflescopes fall into.
• Medium eye relief scopes, for shotguns with interchangeable barrels or for "scout" rigged rifles.
• Long eye relief is for scopes on pistols that give you a full field of view at arm's length.

Short eye relief can be dangerous. The back of the scope could hit you in the eyebrow when you fire a shot. Ouch! So, when you choose a scope, go easy on your eyebrows and make sure you've got plenty of eye relief.

*If you wear glasses, eye relief is one of the most important considerations in choosing a scope/eyepiece combination.



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