The Parallax View

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What is parallax?

The Parallax View

If you thought parallax was a laxative used by paratroopers, you're on the wrong site. According to the experts, parallax is a condition that occurs when the image of the target is not focused precisely on the reticle plane. It's visible when there is an apparent movement between the reticle and the target when the shooter moves his head or, in extreme cases, on out-of-focus images.

Some scopes are set to be parallax-free at a specific range, like 100 yards. Other scopes have an adjustment to eliminate parallax on the objective bell. Parallax is normally eliminated by manual adjustment of the objective lens or by manual adjustment of a parallax knob, depending on how the scope is equipped. Leupold rifle scopes, as well as scopes from other major manufacturers, do a creditable job of controlling parallax.



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