Leupold spotting scopes

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What scopes are best for birding?

Leupold spotting scopes

Whether you want to creep up on a cuckoo or sneak up on snipe, binoculars are best for close-up birding. But to spy on far-off feathered friends, you'd do well to get a spotting scope. You'll not only find more birds, you'll be able to distinguish field marks on way out waterfowl, shorebirds, and hawks that you could not with binoculars. A birding scope works great at close range as well. You'll be able to enjoy plumage details like never before.

When you're ready to buy a birding scope, you won't have much trouble spotting a good one. There are dozens of manufacturers like Leupold that offer a bunch of diferent scopes with all kinds of options.



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