Shooting Straighter with a Scope

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How do I increase accuracy when using a rifle scope?

Shooting Straighter with a Scope

Becoming a straight-shooter with a scope on your rifle takes practice. If you are new to shooting, you will need to follow some basic rules on the road to greater accuracy.

Assuming you've got your scope sighted to your liking, and have the target in your crosshairs, you need to hold your breath just before you're ready to fire. You can take a deep breath and let about half of it out, or just take half a breath and hold it. This will reduce wobbling (provided you don't move any other body parts). Then, squeeze the trigger. Don't pull it or jerk it.

*Don't flinch when the gun goes off. If you have this problem, you'll have to learn to control it, or go for the rest of your life never coming close to hitting anything on purpose.



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