The Well-Adjusted Scope

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What additional tips for adjusting a scope are there?

The Well-Adjusted Scope

Here are a few extra tips to keep you, and your scope, well-adjusted:

• Always keep guns pointed in a safe direction.

• The per-click graduation on the scope will usually be marked (i.e. 1/4" per click at 100 yards). This means it will be 1/8" at 50 yards, etc. Guess the distance you're off by and adjust accordingly.

• Some "fixed" sights can be adjusted. If the rear sight is in a dovetail notch, try drifting it to correct for windage error. Do not whack it with a big ol' hammer! If you must whack, use a brass drift and hammer. Better yet, take it to a gun shop and have a professional do your drifting.



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