Bore-Sighting the Bolt-Action

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How do I boresight my scope on a bolt-action gun?

Bore-Sighting the Bolt-Action

As you would expect, bolt-action rifles and handguns need to be boresighted as well. Here's how to git er done:

• Check if the gun is loaded; if so, unload it.

• Mount the scope on the gun if it's not already mounted. Make sure the scope and mounts do not interfere with the operation of the gun (by conflicting with the throw of the bolt handle, for example).

• Remove the bolt from the gun. This is usually very easy and only requires holding the trigger back or engaging another type of release while pulling back on the bolt.

• Place the gun on a solid rest of some type that won't mar its finish. On cushions on the hood of your truck, across the back of a sofa, or in a solid shooting rest are all choices that will work.

• While looking through the bore (barrel), carefully align the barrel with an easily identifiable distant object. It can be as close as 40 feet, or as far away as you like.

• Without moving the gun, take a look through the scope and note how far, and in which direction(s), the crosshairs are from the object in the previous step.

• Using the crosshair adjustment screws on the scope, adjust it.

• Eyeball through the bore again. If the gun has moved, re-align the bore with the object.

• Check the scope again and re-adjust as needed.

• Repeat the last two steps until the bore and scope point at the same spot.

• After boresighting, head to the shooting range to sight it in and start shooting at close range (it is recommended you start at 25 yards, no farther than 50 yards).

• Congratulate yourself on a job well done and a savings of ammunition and range time!



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