Extruded Aluminum Rings

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What type rings give the best scope alignment?

Extruded Aluminum Rings

When it comes to mounting rings for your scope, you can't beat extruded aluminum. According to scope gurus, the best alignment results come from rings manufactured by extrusion processes. What is the extrusion process, you ask? Ever see the Play-Do Factory ™ little kids use? It's like that, except the ringmakers use aluminum instead of dough (which is a good thing).

The aluminum is pressed through a die and forms into a long scope-ring -shaped tube. Individual rings are then cut from this “extrusion”. Since everything comes from the same die, alignment from one ring to the next is identical! It's the same story for scope mounting bases.

Many people like steel scope mounts, because they think steel is better than aluminum (blatant metallism!). What these folks don't realize is that steel can't be extruded; it has to be molded or machined. These processes do not work as well as extrusion for alignment purposes. In the final analysis, extruded aluminum scope mounts hold scopes extremely well, they are very lightweight, and they offer more secure alignment because they are made by extrusion.



4/12/2007 4:39:45 PM
nick said:

in my opinion the burris scope mounts with the synthetic pivoting inserts are can't be beat they also offer the offset inserts which eliminate the need for shims


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