Talking Turkey About Vests

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Turkey huntin vest

Talking Turkey About Vests

If you like going after gobblers, you'll want to make sure that you have a well-designed turkey vest. Not that every turkey is crazy for a sharp-dressed hunter (though you never know). It's just that a well-designed turkey vest can help you keep your gear organized and accessible. This is no minor detail. Think of all the stuff you need to bring in a Big Tom. You need lots of pockets for:

• Calls
• Strikers
• Extra shells
• Face masks
• Gloves
• 2-way radios
• Binoculars
• Range finders
• Knives
• Snacks (in case you get hungry waiting for your dinner)

Some vests even have attachment systems that allow you to add more accessories to your vest. Those large pouch pockets in back are great for decoys, stakes, or a gargantuan gobbler.



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