De-scenting Opinion

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What can I do to maximize charcoal suit?

De-scenting Opinion

Obviously, a nice charcoal suit alone will not help you get next to your prey unnoticed. You need to de-scent your own bad self. Be sure to bathe and launder with scent-free soaps, and make sure your gear is as scent-free as possible. Like it or not, you stank, buddy. No way! You say? Ever smell your pull rope? And, what about the sweat band in your hat or cap, or your socks? Not to put too fine a point on it, you should wash your gear often.

Rendering yourself aromatically invisible is a full-time job. As for your charcoal suit, remember that the charcoal in your suit will continue to absorb odor until it is saturated, even when you're not hunting. Therefore, you should reactivate it every three or four days, and store your suit in an air-tight plastic bag. One more thing: Lay off the chili con carne.



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