Making Sense of the Sighting in Procedure

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How do I get consistent small groups when I sight my rifle?

Making Sense of the Sighting in Procedure

In order to sight a rifle in properly, the rifle must shoot consistent, small groups. Yet, in order to develop an optimum load for the rifle, one which shoots consistent, small groups, it must be sighted in at least well enough to get on the paper. We compromise and do the best we can. Using manufacturer's recommendations, prior experience or advice from a knowledgeable friend, you must decide what initial load to shoot. Within reason, it really doesn't matter, but you must shoot that exact same load every time.

If you shoot one load and then another, you will never make sense of the sighting-in procedure. The load can be modified later, honed to the best you can work out, after you have the rifle shooting on the paper at that distance.



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