Hunting Scopes Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hunting gear is a charcoal suit?

How do I reactivate my charcoal suit

What can I do to maximize charcoal suit?

Turkey huntin vest

How can I protect my rifle scope lens?

What type rings give the best scope alignment?

Why would I need a cheek rest?

What is a honeycomb shade?

How do I boresight my rifle scope?

How do I boresight my scope on a bolt-action gun?

How do I adjust my bolt-action rifle scope?

What additional tips for adjusting a scope are there?

What is the best scope for smaller game?

How do I increase accuracy when using a rifle scope?

Aren't all rifle scopes pretty much the same?

What is the most common rifle scope available?

Can I get a quality scope for under $200?

What scopes are best for birding?

How does a Leupold rifle scope work?

What is contrast and why is it important in a rifle scope?

What is an exit pupil and why should I care?

What is parallax?

What is eye relief?

What are some other features of rifle scopes that I might want?

What's the difference bettwen a fixed-power and variable magification scope.

What is field of view?

What is a plain reticle?

What is a reticle?

What is a duplex reticle?

What is a mil dot reticle?

What are some other simple tips that I can use to improve my odds?'

How do I determine range with a mil dot reticle.

What is meant by a First Generation Scope?

What is a Second Generation Scope?

Which Generation scope is best?

How does an image intensifier in a night scope work?

Shouldn't I get the highest gain scope possible?

What's the scoop on magnification?

Monocular or Binocular?

What is an infrared illuminator?

Why use a scope?

What is the fastest gun sight?

What does the term 'power' mean?

What power range is best for a scope?

What should I pay for a scope?

Bigger objective, the better?

What's an adjustable objective?

What's the difference between point of aim and point of impact?

What the story on rimfire scopes?

What are some drawbacks of a rimfire scope?

How can I overcome the rimfire challenge.

Why doesn't my scope come with mounting hardware?

Is it difficult to mount a scope on my rimfire?

What do I need to mounty my rifle my scope?

What about bases and rings?

How do I prepare to mount and boresight my rifle?

How do I install the base?

How do I install scope rings?

How do I boresight my scope?

How important is a solid, well aligned mounting system?

How do I install Redfield style rings?

What's so special about Redfield scopes?

What should I consider when buying a scope?

What role do weight and bulk play in choosing a scope?

What is an Aspherical lens System?

Is tube size important?

What is the Twilight Factor?

How does AOD mean?

What if I want to use a lens cap?

How does a straight barrel affect my AOD?

How will iron sights affect my AOD.

What's the difference between a 30mm tube and a 1 inch tube.

Is the relief in my handgun the same as on my rifle?

What happens when we look through a sight and fire a rifle?

How do I sight my muzzleloader?

What's the correct way to sight my Simmons riflescope ?

How do I get consistent small groups when I sight my rifle?

How do I sight in my muzzleloader?

What's the differences between an airgun scope and firearm rifle scope?

What is the proper method to clean scope lenses ?

Where can I get good information about scopes?

Whose opinion do I trust about riflescopes?

Where can I get honest feedback about riflescopes?

Who are some brand-name scopemakers?

How do reviewers evaluate scopes?

How do I maintain adjustment consistency?

How can a scope level improve my accuracy?

Why would I need to use target knobs?

How do I focus the scope reticle to my eye?

What care and maintenance is required for a Zeiss rifle scope?

What are some other features of rifle scopes that I might want?

Why do I have to hold the handgun closer to my eye to get a full sight picture magnifications above 4x?

What kind of birding scopes are there?

How critical is parallax error?

What's the relationship between object size and magnification?

Why do so many scope lenses made with Vietnamese sand?

What is Chromatic Aberration?

What's the story on lens coatings?

What makes a good birding scope?

What is a Burris Zee Ring?

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